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Paper and Restroom Supply
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Our team properly estimates the amount of paper supplies necessary for your facility. With our mini-max program your facility will have the proper amount of supplies all the time.

Our program is simple: we create a minimum and maximum number of cases of toilet paper, hand towels, cleansers and personal hygiene products to always have on hand for your facility. When they run low, we automatically generate an order to refill the supplies back to their optimal level. Of course, if you chose, all orders can be approved by you prior to fulfilling.

The same is true for computer paper. We look closely at how many printing stations are in place throughout a workplace. Our service employees ensure that there is always an ample stock of paper so that work will never stop.

Our Benefits:

  • Volume discount pricing for all our clients’ purchase that we pass on to you
  • Supplies are never out with mini-max program
  • Dramatic time savings in ordering and purchasing
  • Complete line of all top brands as well as green products to meet your needs

Please contact us to experience a unique and fresh approach to facility maintenance.

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